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LPG Gasket

LPG Gasket

PGE Gasket of superior quality and finish are manufactured and supplied by our company. We use high grade raw materials and employ latest technology in the manufacturing of these PGE Gasket. Quality and right pricing make us rank among the most trusted and reputed Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of Ceramic PGE Gasket.

Product Details

Checking LPG Gasket manufacturers online? Welcome to contact TECSON, we are a leading pge gasket, LPG gasket supplier equiped with professional factory.

The design of LPG incorporated overlapping and offsetting seal grooves. The purpose of this design is to break each layer of laminate within the seal itself there by creating a barrier through which fluid and/or gas cannot migrate. The sealing element can be any elastomeric material as well as more sophisticated Spring-Energized Teflon seals. As a result of this advanced seal design, maintenance free flange isolation and flange face corrosion mitigation are achieved economically.
The LPG is available in both full-face (Type E) and ring style (Type F)configurations. Depending upon the sealing element selected, the LPG is rated for most all hydrocarbon and water service applications.

Retainer Material
1) G-10 Glass-Reinforced Epoxy (GRE)laminate:
Compressive Strength: 65,000 PSI 
Dielectric Strength: 750-800 VPM 
Max.Continuous Operating Temp: 300 degrees F (150 degrees Celsius) 
Water Absorption: .05% 
Flexural Strength: 65,000 PSI 
Tensile Strength: 50,000 PSI 

2) G-11 Glass-Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) HighTemp. laminate material:
Compressive Strength: 50,000 PSI 
Dielectric Strength: 500 VPM 
Max.Continuous Operating Temp: 398 degrees F (200 degrees Celsius) 
Water Absorption: .085% 
Flexural Strength: 57,700 PSI 
Tensile Strength: 41,000 PSI 

Seal Material

Isolating Sleeve 

  • GRE

  • Mylar

  • NOMEX 

Isolating Washers 

  • GRE - G10/G11

Steel Washer 

  • ZPS (Zinc plated Carbon Steel)

  • XPS (Xylan coated Carbon Steel) 

  • SS (Stainless Steel)

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