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Rubber Gaskets Process Limits

The use of rubber gasket specifications vary, Rubber Gaskets the shape of the impact of sealing effect, its role in reducing friction, to prevent leakage, isolation, to prevent loose or dispersion pressure. Many of the seal material specifications in the industry are also customary for this purpose, and the differences in efficacy vary.

The sealing washers are limited by the material and process of the threaded fasteners, and most of the fastening parts of the bolts will not be large, Rubber Gaskets thus reducing the pressure on the surface. In order to prevent loosening of the connection loops, the use of anti-loose sealing spring washers and multi-toothed locking gaskets, round nut stopper gaskets and corrugated, tapered elastic washers. Dong Sheng washers are mainly used to reduce the pressure, when some parts tighten the axial force is very large, easy to make the gasket into a dish, Rubber Gaskets then you can use the material and improve the hardness to solve. In the case of

Sealed DSH spring washer seal tightening effect in general, important parts as little or no use, and the use of self-locking structure. For high-speed tightening pneumatic pneumatic spring washers, Rubber Gaskets it is best to use surface treatment of the gasket to improve its wear performance, or easy to friction and heat burned or mouth, or even damage the surface of the connector.

The seal spring washer structure shall not be used with respect to the sheet joint. According to the analysis, the spring washer used in the car less and less. Rubber Gaskets Dental seal Elastic washers in the connection of the tooth profile due to the large and uniform locking force in the automotive industry to use more, while the spacing of the teeth is less.

In the sealing industry, the flange rubber gasket selected sealing material Dong Sheng seal to tell you include paper, cork, rubber bonded cork and rubber sealing material (including natural rubber NR, styrene butadiene rubber seal material SBR, poly Chlorobutylene CR, NBR, NBR, Rubber Gaskets Oxygen Sulfonated Polyethylene Rubber Seal Material CSM, EPR EP, Rubber Gaskets Butyl Rubber Seal Material HR, Fluorine Rubber Seal Material FPM, Polyurethane Rubber Seal Material AU / EU, Silicone Rubber Material SI wait wait wait.

Rubber Seals The choice of sealing materials including kraft paper and Manila paper are all kinds of cheap materials, in order to reduce the absorption of closed liquid to iris-based filler to stabilize it, Rubber Gaskets it is also desirable. Another type of this category is the fiberboard (also called paper) impregnated with the binder / glycerol mixture. This type of sealing material can be shot very thin (thin to 0.1mm (0.004in).