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Rubber Gaskets Process Limits

The use of rubber gasket specifications vary, Rubber Gaskets the shape of the impact of sealing effect, its role in reducing friction, to prevent leakage, isolation, to prevent loose or dispersion pressure. Many of the seal material specifications in the industry are also customary for this purpose, and the differences in efficacy vary.

The sealing washers are limited by the material and process of the threaded fasteners, and most of the fastening parts of the bolts will not be large, Rubber Gaskets thus reducing the pressure on the surface. In order to prevent loosening of the connection loops, the use of anti-loose sealing spring washers and multi-toothed locking gaskets, round nut stopper gaskets and corrugated, tapered elastic washers. Dong Sheng washers are mainly used to reduce the pressure, when some parts tighten the axial force is very large, easy to make the gasket into a dish, Rubber Gaskets then you can use the material and improve the hardness to solve. In the case of

Sealed DSH spring washer seal tightening effect in general, Rubber Gaskets important parts as little or no use, and the use of self-locking structure. For high-speed tightening pneumatic pneumatic spring washers, it is best to use surface treatment of the gasket to improve its wear performance, or easy to friction and heat burned or mouth, or even damage the surface of the connector.

The seal spring washer structure shall not be used with respect to the sheet joint. According to the analysis, the spring washer used in the car less and less. Dental seal Elastic washers in the connection of the tooth profile due to the large and uniform locking force in the automotive industry to use more, while the spacing of the teeth is less.

The rubber is also used as a strap for holding a wooden handle on a stone or metal appliance, and a filler for the handle. Maya people know how to use rubber to create shoes.

Although Native Americans do not officially vulcanize rubber as modern people, they can still use organic matter to achieve similar effects, Rubber Gaskets such as mixing unprocessed emulsions into different types of sap or some rattan juice Is some kind of spinach plants).

In 1895 the first car with the use of pneumatic tires came out, Rubber Gaskets making the rubber ushered in a faithful life-long subscribers, the rubber industry from the Brazilian rainforest began to board the stage of the world economy, turning the trade gears between countries, world. The success of rubber in the industrial society, the dream of making dreams of numerous adventurers flocked to the origin of rubber in Brazil. It was a crazy period, from the beginning of the Amazon River to the depths of the rainforest, Rubber Gaskets stretching thousands of kilometers, the wild rubber tree is full of plastic bowl, hose, full of exudes stinky raw rubber workshop. The forest area built the railroad, Rubber Gaskets and the shipping company on the Amazon River was carrying the napers and raw rubber products. Predatory exploitation destroyed the rainforest and destroyed the wild rubber resources.