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Rubber Gaskets Full Study

Rubber Gaskets The inherent quality of the rubber washer is mainly determined by the formula or process, the formula includes the composition of various components, the choice of curing system. Rubber Gaskets The rubber washers are widely used in the sealing of fixed connections at pneumatic and hydraulic systems. The mechanism of sealing failure at low temperature has been fully studied, that when the rubber cooled to below 20 ℃, Rubber Gaskets the elasticity of the rapid decline, resulting in contact with the stress ∮ reduction. When the temperature drops to the rubber glass transition temperature Tg region, the value of ∮ decreases to zero, Rubber Gaskets resulting in a rise in temperature at the junction, resulting in between rubber and metal

Since the rubber elasticity varies with the dynamic load conditions at constant temperature (mechanical glass transition), the sealed failure physical model given can not be verified directly when the apron is subjected to vibrations. There is a need for rubber, rubber gasket analysis of enterprises or individuals can go to my center for consultation. Micro-spectrum detection - professional to provide rubber formulations technology testing, Rubber Gaskets the largest unknown knowledge analysis services

Polyurethane rubber is a polyurethane. There are usually polyester type (AU) and polyether type (EU) two kinds. Has excellent elongation, tear strength and wear resistance, Rubber Gaskets oil resistance, excellent ozone resistance, but also resistant to atomic radiation. Suitable for the production of various forms of sealed energy absorption device, punching template, vibration damping device, mechanical support gasket, Rubber Gaskets flexible connection, anti-wear coating, friction power transmission equipment, roller and so on. Use temperature range -60 ~ 80 ℃. Not with ester, ketone, phosphate hydraulic oil, concentrated acid, alkali, steam and other contact.

Acrylic rubber (ACM) is an international development of a new type of special rubber, with excellent heat resistance, oil, cold, ozone and other properties. According to the needs, Rubber Gaskets with the fluorine rubber, nitrile rubber, chlorosulfonated polyethylene, EPDM rubber and other use, so as to obtain high temperature, oil resistance. Widely used in automotive, military equipment, high temperature oil seal material, Rubber Gaskets container pipe lining adhesive and building sealant, sound insulation and shock absorber products special wire and cable outer jacket and so on.

Silicone rubber is polysiloxane. There are usually dimethyl silicone rubber (MQ), methyl vinyl silicone rubber (MVQ), methyl phenyl silicone rubber (MPQ),Rubber Gaskets methyl phenyl vinyl silicone rubber (MPVQ) and so on. Silicone rubber has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, aging resistance, insulation resistance, excellent dielectric properties, good thermal conductivity, but the strength and tear resistance is poor, Rubber Gaskets not oil, the price is more expensive. Generally suitable for the production of seals, sealing profiles, oxygen bellows, diaphragm, shock absorbers, insulation materials, insulation sponge sheet.Rubber Gaskets Use temperature range of -70 ~ 280 ℃.

Fluorine rubber (FPM) commonly used fluorine rubber-26, fluorine rubber -246, the former is a copolymer of vinylidene fluoride and hexafluoropropylene, the latter is vinylidene fluoride, tetrafluoroethylene and hexafluoropropylene copolymer. Fluorine rubber has a prominent heat, oil, acid, Rubber Gaskets alkali performance, aging performance and excellent electrical insulation, flame retardant, small air permeability. But the low temperature performance is poor. General use temperature range of -40 ~ 250 ℃, a short time up to 300 ℃. Rubber Gaskets Suitable for the production of various requirements of heat, oil seal parts, hose, tape and fuel tank, but the price is more expensive.