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Rubber Gaskets Commonly Used

Rubber washers with oil, acid, cold, heat, anti-aging properties, can be directly cut into a variety of shapes of the gasket, widely used in medicine, electronics, chemicals, antistatic, flame retardant, food and other industries. Rubber gasket rubber gasket Flanges or other connections between the two stationary surfaces between the sealing role of the flaky rubber products known as rubber washers.

Fatigue failure of rubber washers

Rubber under repeated alternating stress, the material structure or performance change phenomenon known as fatigue, with the fatigue, material damage caused by the phenomenon known as fatigue failure, the mechanism of fatigue failure is more complicated, may include thermal degradation , Oxidation and ozone erosion as well as the destruction by crack propagation. The fatigue failure is a kind of tasting process. The stress relaxation process in the material under repeated cyclical deformation of the rubber is often too late to complete within the deformation cycle. As a result, So that the internal stress generated too late to disperse, it may be concentrated in some defects, resulting in fracture damage, in addition to the rubber is a viscoelastic body, its deformation, including reversible elastic deformation and plastic deformation can not, in the cycle of deformation , Non-plastic deformation of the hysteresis loss, the energy will be converted into heat, the internal temperature of the material increases, and the strength of polymer materials are generally not with the temperature rise watts, resulting in shortening the fatigue life of the rubber, the other In terms of temperature, high temperatures promote the aging of rubber and also promote the rubber destruction process.

Commonly used rubber gasket gaskets are: rubber flat washers, rubber O-ring, plastic flat washers, PTFE gasket, asbestos rubber washers, metal washers, metal washers, metal foreskin washers, wave washers, wound washers and so on.

(1) Flat rubber washer: It is easy to deform and work hard without any pressure. However, its pressure resistance and temperature resistance are poor. It is only used for places with low pressure and low temperature. Natural rubber has certain acid and alkali resistance, the use of temperature should not exceed 60 ℃; neoprene can also be resistant to some acid, temperature 80 ℃; nitrile rubber oil, available to 80 ℃; fluorine rubber corrosion resistance is good, resistance Temperature performance than the average rubber, can be used in 150 ℃ medium.

(2) rubber gaskets: section shape is a perfect circle, a certain self-tight effect, the sealing effect is better than flat washers, pressing force smaller.

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