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Rubber Gaskets Characteristics And Application

In the sealing industry, the flange rubber gasket selection of sealing material Dongsheng seals tell you include paper, cork, rubber bonded cork and rubber seal material (including natural rubber nr, Rubber Gaskets styrene-butadiene rubber sealing material SBR, Poly vinyl chloride butene cr, NBR rubbers NBR, epoxy sulfonated polyethylene rubber sealing material CSM, ethylene propylene Rubber EP, Butyl rubber sealing material HR, rubber sealing material fpm, polyurethane sealing material au/eu, silicone rubber material si, etc. Rubber Gaskets etc... In the future several small and medium series will elaborate on the common sealing materials have what characteristics and applications.

Rubber gasket selection of sealing materials including Kraft and Manila paper, all kinds of paper belong to cheap sealing material, in order to reduce the absorption of closed liquid, Rubber Gaskets with the iris base packing treatment to stabilize, it is also very desirable. Rubber Gaskets Another type of fiber that belongs to this category is the Fiberboard (also called the paper), which is impregnated with a binder/propylene glycol mixture. This kind of sealing material can be shot very thin (can be thin to 0.1mm (0.004in). This kind of "paper" made rubber gasket is widely used in the automotive industry, can be made into gaskets or in water, oil or petrol working environment or occasions as a filler.

So what is "cork" sealing material? Cork (Phellem), Rubber Gaskets commonly known as water pine, cork, Cork, is a very developed tree species of the skin products, stems and roots with a coarse growth of the surface protection tissue. Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome used to make fishing nets float, insoles, corks and so on. It is also a kind of sealing material with resin-bonded cork granules, Rubber Gaskets and its quality varies according to the particle size of cork. Because of the poor bonding method, the material is easily broken, but this can be improved by adding the fiber interlayer. Cork gasket has good oil resistance and solvent resistance, Rubber Gaskets but water has bad effect on it. Cork gaskets are mainly used in occasions where the surface is uneven or the bolt load is small. The maximum operating temperature is 50 ℃ and the maximum working pressure is 3.5bar.

Rubber is also used as a tape for tying a wooden handle to a stone or metal utensil, Rubber Gaskets and a handle filler. Maya know how to make shoes with rubber.

Although Native Americans do not officially vulcanization rubber as modern humans do, they can still use organic matter to achieve approximate effects, such as mixing unprocessed emulsions into different kinds of sap or some kinds of vines (especially certain species of plants).