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PTFE Gaskets Widely Used

PTFE's unique properties make it widely used in the fields of chemical, PTFE Gaskets petroleum, textile, food, papermaking, medical, electronic and mechanical industries and marine operations.

Because of the defects in corrosion resistance of rubber, PTFE Gaskets glass, metal alloy and other materials, it is difficult to meet the conditions of harsh temperature, pressure and chemical medium coexistence, the resulting loss is quite alarming. PTFE material with its excellent corrosion resistance, has become the oil, chemical, textile and other industries, the main corrosion-resistant materials. PTFE Gaskets Its specific applications include: conveying corrosive gas pipes, exhaust pipes, steam pipes, rolling mills, high-pressure tubing, aircraft hydraulic system and cold pressure system of high and low pressure pipeline, distillation column, PTFE Gaskets heat exchanger, kettle, tower, groove lining, valves and other chemical equipment.

The performance of the seal has a great influence on the efficiency and performance of the whole machine equipment. PTFE materials with corrosion resistance, anti-aging, low friction coefficient and viscosity, PTFE Gaskets wide range of temperature, good elasticity of the characteristics of the very suitable for the manufacture of corrosion-resistant requirements, the use of temperatures above 100 ℃ seals. such as machines, heat exchangers, high-pressure containers, large diameter containers, valves, pumps groove flange seals, PTFE Gaskets glass reaction pot, flat flange, large diameter flange sealing parts, shafts, piston rods, valve rods, worm gear pumps, rod seals and so on.

Due to the friction of some equipment is not suitable for refueling lubrication, for example, the lubrication grease will be dissolved in the solvent and the situation or paper, PTFE Gaskets pharmaceutical, food, textile and other industrial products need to avoid contamination of lubricating oil, which makes the filling PTFE material to become mechanical equipment parts oil-free lubrication (direct bearing load) the most ideal material. PTFE Gaskets This is because the friction coefficient of the material is the lowest of the known solid material.

Its specific uses include the bearings for chemical equipment, papermaking machinery, agricultural machinery, used as piston rings, machine tool guides, guide rings, widely used in civil engineering construction of bridges, tunnels, steel trusses, large-scale chemical pipelines, storage tanks supporting slider, PTFE Gaskets as well as bridge support and bridging swivel and so on.

The inherent low loss and small dielectric constant of PTFE material makes enameled wire for micro motor, thermocouple, control device, etc. PTFE film is a manufacturing capacitor, PTFE Gaskets radio insulated liner, insulating cables, motors and transformers ideal insulation materials, aerospace and other industrial electronic components of the indispensable materials; the use of fluoride plastic film on the permeability of oxygen, and the permeability of the water vapor of this choice of small-permeability, can produce oxygen sensors; PTFE Gaskets using fluorine plastics at high temperatures, The characteristics of the extreme charge deviating phenomenon under high pressure can make the microphone, the loudspeaker and the parts on the robot, PTFE Gaskets and make the optical fiber by using its low refractive index characteristics.