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PTFE Gaskets The Rapid Development

PTFE Gaskets Several new materials and new technologies for valve gaskets.

(1) liquid seal: With the rapid development of polymer organic synthesis industry, PTFE Gaskets in recent years there have been liquid sealant, used in static seal; PTFE Gaskets this new technology, usually called liquid seal. The principle of liquid seal is the use of liquid sealant adhesion, mobility and monomolecular membrane effect (the thinner the natural recovery of the film tends to), under appropriate pressure, PTFE Gaskets so that it acts as a gasket. So the use of the sealant, also known as liquid washers.

(2) graphite plate seal: in people's impression, PTFE Gaskets graphite is brittle material, lack of flexibility and toughness, but after special treatment of graphite, but it is soft texture, good elasticity. In this way, the thermal resistance and chemical stability of the graphite can be displayed in the gasket material; and the gasket has a small pressing force and the sealing effect is excellent. PTFE Gaskets This graphite can also be made with, with the metal belt with the composition of the performance of the winding washers. Graphite plate seals and graphite - metal spiral washers appear, PTFE Gaskets is a major breakthrough in high temperature corrosion resistance seal. Such gaskets, foreign countries have been mass production and use.

(3) polytetrafluoroethylene raw material seal: polytetrafluoroethylene is also a high molecular organic compounds, it sintered into products, called raw material, soft texture, but also a single molecular film effect. Raw materials made with a belt called raw material, PTFE Gaskets can be rolled into a long-term preservation. PTFE Gaskets The use of free molding, any joints, as long as a pressure, it will form a uniform role in the sealing ring membrane. As a valve in the valve body and the valve cover between the gasket, can not remove the valve or gate in the case, pry open a gap, stuffed into the raw material to go on the line. Compact force, non-stick hand,PTFE Gaskets not sticky flange surface, the replacement is very convenient. For the tongue and groove flange the most appropriate. Polytetrafluoroethylene raw materials, but also made of tubular and rod-shaped, for sealing.

(4) metal hollow O-ring: good elasticity, PTFE Gaskets compact force, a self-tightening effect, the choice of a variety of metal materials, which in low temperature, high temperature and strong corrosive media can adapt.

Adapt to working pressure and temperature. Not only to consider the peak pressure and temperature, but also consider their fluctuations and the rate of change. PTFE Gaskets Seal gasket is necessary to withstand pressure and temperature, but also because of pressure and temperature changes and leakage

Consider the chemical corrosion and electrochemical corrosion of the medium. If the reaction tank, should consider the corrosion of raw materials, finished corrosive and corrosive reaction process. PTFE Gaskets If the medium is a solvent, consider whether the gasket is dissolved.

The media can not leak from the gasket and the flange surface (interface leakage), can not leak out from the gasket itself (osmotic leakage), which depends on the extent of the flange tightening, but also depends on the nature of the gasket itself, so To seriously consider, especially for toxic gases, PTFE Gaskets vacuum, radioactive media, flammable and explosive materials more attention. Not only requires the initial state of the gasket sealing is good, and requires long-term operation is not fatigue, no relaxation.

Flange sealing surface with a plane, bump, tongue and groove and other forms, the gasket should be the corresponding. Flange sealing surface surface finish, hardness is different, there are different requirements on the gasket, gasket should also be the corresponding. If the flange roughness, you must use not often strong gasket.

Take care of special requirements. PTFE Gaskets If a medium does not allow micro-fiber mixed, do not use asbestos rubber sheet and other fibrous washers. Some parts of the vibration is very large, we must use strong anti-vibration gasket. For difficult to repair the place, PTFE Gaskets on the use of durable gaskets. And so on, all need to use the brains.

A plant area, a workshop, and even a factory, gasket specifications and material varieties, the less the more easy to manage, so the choice of gaskets, PTFE Gaskets in addition to the above should consider the above, but also try to merge specifications and materials, avoid unnecessary diversification The