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PTFE Gaskets Processing Method

PTFE Gaskets As the PTFE melt viscosity is high, at 350 ℃ when the 1010 ~ 1011Pa.s, non-melt flow material, can not use the general thermoplastic molding process. PTFE Gaskets After a long period of technical research, we have mastered the processing technology of PTFE expanded board, including self-made processing equipment and operating parameters, and research and development of extension products, and extension of the manufacturing technology. Better grasp the pressure and roll, drawing the combination of integrated technology, PTFE Gaskets and a certain pressure ratio, speed ratio and temperature and other operational elements to control and improve the technical performance of the product key technology.

PTFE is a long chain structure of macromolecules. PTFE Gaskets Under certain conditions, macromolecular chains are easily arranged in a particular direction (axial) as an advantage of the phenomenon known as the orientation. In order to improve the strength of the expanded plate, PTFE Gaskets the molecular chain or segment orientation is increased to reduce the number of molecular conformation, so that some irregular molecular chain changes in a neat arrangement and stretch state, in the molding process must form multi- Stretching, and constitute a combination of pressing, rolling, cooling, raw material purification and additives (pore forming agent) integrated operation of the technology.

Save resources and energy

In the process, set into the hole agent (oil) recovery device, and the use of condensing recovery. In addition, the process of attention to improve product qualification rate, PTFE Gaskets and side material PTFE plate re-processing.

3) people-oriented, attention to environmental protection and occupational health

Set the ventilation device to ensure that the concentration of pollutants in the exhaust emissions to meet the national emission standards, PTFE Gaskets to achieve environmental friendliness; workshop concentration of pollutants to meet the national industrial building design health standards, process layout and equipment operation in line with ergonomic principles, May be mechanized and automated, reflecting people-oriented, and can improve production efficiency.

The main process parameters

Ingredient treatment: remove the powdery PTFE resin raw materials in the impurities, mashed granules, and fine powder sieves. Add a certain amount of volatile oil,PTFE Gaskets mix and shape after the constant temperature for some time.

Cable and gaskets are two of our developed PTFE extensions. According to the relevant standard ZBG-85 classification, PTFE sheet is divided into three categories, SFB-1, SFB-2 and SFB-3. According to the actual research and user needs, cable and gasket specifications are (0.05 ~ 0.15) × 102 × 105mm and (2 ~ 10) × 1500 × 1500mm (commonly used (3 ~ 4) × 1500 × 1500mm).

PTFE gasket not only has a sealing function, but also has the function of protecting the use of gasket device (such as flange), which is an indispensable part of processing equipment. The properties of PTFE gaskets are shown in Table 2. After several years of research and development and small batch production, now has the scale of mass production. Products sent to the machinery industry General machinery products were measured, the performance indicators as shown in Table 2 and Table 3. The main performance indicators than China's machinery industry standard "PTFE gasket technical conditions" (JB / T10688-2006) indicators, PTFE Gaskets to reach the international advanced level of similar products.

 1) The manufacturing process of polytetrafluoroethylene expanded panels is quite complex and high performance products must be supported by high levels of equipment and processes.

2) purified PTFE resin, PTFE Gaskets good performance additives (pore-forming agent), push (roll), stretch and sintering is a technology that should be mastered.

3) the manufacture of high-performance PTFE expanded sheet and deep processing products, must be comprehensive application of polymer materials science, mechanical, engineering thermophysics, mechanics, electrical and other theories, and through repeated tests, adjust the equipment, optimize the operating parameters to achieve The