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PTFE Gaskets Precision Machining

Flange sealing surface Even after the precise processing, there will be a small gap between the flange surface, and become a media leakage channel. PTFE Gaskets The function of the gasket is to produce plastic deformation under the pressure of the bolts, to fill the tiny gap between the flange sealing surface and to block the leakage channel of the media, thus to achieve the sealing purpose. The gasket used in the container flange connection has a number of non-metallic cushion pads, wound gaskets, metal gaskets and metal gaskets. PTFE Gaskets Non-metallic upholstered plates are made of a ring with a good elasticity of the plate according to the diameter and width of the flange sealing surface. The materials used are mainly rubber sheet, asbestos Rubber Board and Asbestos board, etc., according to the working pressure of the container, temperature and corrosion of the medium to choose. General low pressure, room temperature (≤ 100 Shan) and non-corrosive medium of the container rubber plate (after vulcanization treatment of hard rubber working temperature of up to 200 Shan); The medium temperature is higher (to the steam cancel 450 Shan, the oil cancel 350 Shan) The medium and low pressure vessel usually uses the asbestos rubber board or the oil-resistant asbestos rubber board; The low pressure vessels of the general corrosive medium often use the acid-resistant PTFE Gaskets asbestos plate; The wound gasket is made of an asbestos strip and a thin metal belt (mild steel or alloy steel belt). Because the thin metal with a certain degree of elasticity, but also a multi-channel seal, so the sealing performance is better. It is most suitable for pressure or temperature fluctuation, especially for large diameter low pressure vessels, PTFE Gaskets because the diameter of this gasket can be no interface. Metal-clad gaskets, also known as package gaskets, are coil rings made of thin metal plates (usually with tin, corrosive materials with thin stainless steel plates or aluminum plates), etc. This gasket bears high temperature, good elasticity, strong anti-corrosion ability and good sealing performance. But the manufacture is more trouble, generally only for the larger diameter, high pressure of the low-pressure vessel or the medium pressure vessel.

The fastening type of the flange connection is fastened with bolt fastening, bolt fastening with hinge and "quick open type" flange fastening and several others. The fastening structure of bolts is simple, safe and reliable, and the flange is widely used in this type of fastening. But there are also the weaknesses of disassembly and time-consuming. Therefore, this form of fastening is used only for flange connections that are not frequently disassembled. If the end of the container is often opened, fastening with a hinged bolt. Because the bolt with hinge, flange on the hole open the gap, with this type of fastening to remove the nut from the bolt, PTFE Gaskets as long as the bolt is loosened after the hinge shaft can be reversed from the flange edge. For ease of disassembly, the nut is made of a special butterfly or ring-shaped shoulder. Although the flange fastening type is convenient for loading and unloading, but when the flange is thicker, if the bolt is positioned slightly, it may occur when the container is running. Often used only for lower pressure, smaller diameter container flange connection, more in the dye, pharmaceutical and other chemical containers. "Quick-open" flange fastening is a kind of flange connection structure without bolt fastening. PTFE Gaskets A pressure vessel that requires frequent opening and closing of the end cover. This type of fastening has a pair of special flange, thicker than the flange connecting with the container cylinder, there are a annular grooves in the middle, and a plurality of tooth-shaped holes are opened inside the inner ring of the outer end of the groove; the flange on the end cover is thinner, the thickness is slightly smaller than the width of the annular groove on the flange of the cylinder, and the diameter is slightly smaller than that of the annular The pitch of the notched notch is the same as that of the cylindrical flange. The flange notch of the end of the Assembly is aligned to the teeth on the flange of the cylinder. PTFE Gaskets And put into the annular groove, and then rotate the end cover about a slots of the distance, so that the two teeth are relatively homogeneous, the joint is finished. Its sealing device is generally in the cylinder flange sealing surface processing a ring sealing groove, loaded into the whole type gasket, in the bottom of the sealing groove through the steam or compressed air, the gasket is pressed on the end cover sealing surface, to achieve the purpose of sealing. The larger diameter end cover is used to rotate with the mechanical drive reducer. This kind of flange fastening form may reduce the labor intensity, saves the time of loading and unloading, the sealing performance is also good. However, when used to pay attention to safety, the pressure in the container must be vented before the lid, it is best to install a chain device to ensure that the opening of the container before the pressure.