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PTFE Gaskets High Performance

Our country has developed and produced high-performance polytetrafluoroethylene gasket products, has been widely used in aviation, ships (radiation sealant and reciprocating seal in the special ship to be promoted.), Weapons (weapons industry special Vehicle rotation system sealing, anti-wear sets, PTFE Gaskets high temperature, high pressure gas seal plug also get a good application), civil machinery industry and other fields, the current China's PTFE gasket products production process and quality has reached international recognition Level. Polytetrafluoroethylene gasket products mainly through the closure of the gap between the joints to achieve the role of sealing, but this should be based on different sealing application environment, different media and different operating temperature to choose.

Teflon gasket products can adapt to a wide temperature range, wide temperature domain special PTFE gasket products with high strength, ablation type, high temperature type, PTFE Gaskets ultra-low temperature type and other characteristics, and has further research and development Capacity, can provide a variety of 0-ring, gaskets, shaped seals and other PTFE sealing products. Such as special nitrile rubber, with high elasticity, high strength, high and low temperature resistance, oil and other excellent performance, PTFE Gaskets and the material of the process is stable, mature technology, can withstand most of the lubricating oil, mechanical oil, hydraulic oil, temperature The range is very wide, under normal circumstances is -50 ℃ ~ 130 ℃, PTFE Gaskets but also in a short time resistance to high temperature 150 ℃. Special nitrile rubber is mainly used in the manufacture of a variety of oil in the work of the door pieces, fixed or active seals and a variety of gaskets, gaskets, seals and so on.

Polytetrafluoroethylene gaskets and other products processing process:

1, molded production: a special mixer for PTFE; a sieve machine; 20-80 mesh a screen; a press; products die; program-controlled sintering furnace;

2, turning board production: a special mixer for tetrafluoroethane; PTFE Gaskets a sieve powder machine; 20-80 mesh a screen; a press; product mold; program sintering furnace; lathe or turning machine one.

3, rubber and PTFE combination of products: a sieve powder machine; a special mixer for PTFE; 20-80 mesh a screen; a press; product mold; programmed sintering furnace; PTFE Gaskets lathe; rubber machine; PTFE surface Processing container; instrument lathe.

4, suspended PTFE material analysis: Suspension polytetrafluoroethylene pre-sintered resin for the white particles, melting point 327 ℃, with good mobility, PTFE Gaskets low friction coefficient, excellent thermal stability and outstanding chemical stability.

Molded PTFE products in the sintering process to be used in the sintering controller, the program instrument AL1 must be set to 385 ℃, protect the instrument also set 385 ℃, PTFE products in the heating sintering, there should be venting device to avoid more than 385 ℃ At high temperatures, the thermal decomposition increases, PTFE Gaskets the possibility of generating hydrogen fluoride and other substances also become larger, resulting in toxic gases inhalation of human poisoning.