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Graphite Gaskets Working Principle

Graphite Gaskets Mechanical equipment according to the relative movement of the sealing surface can be divided into static seal and dynamic seal two parts, Graphite Gaskets and static seal is the daily production commonly used in the form of sealing, such as pipe flange, Graphite Gaskets threaded connection, pressure vessel and cover seal, according to work Principle, static seal can be divided into bolted flange connection gasket seal, self-tightening seal, threaded connection gasket seal and sealant seal, etc., Graphite Gaskets which bolt flange connection gasket seal is currently the most widely used a static seal form. The research work on this kind of sealing structure is mainly focused on two aspects: on the one hand, the performance test of the sealing material, focusing on the preparation of materials and experimental instruments and methods of scientific, accuracy; the other hand, Seal failure for a variety of reasons to do a lot of analysis work for different materials of different forms of gaskets, respectively, Graphite Gaskets to study the impact of the size of the leakage factor.

In order to prevent the leakage of the fluid, Graphite Gaskets the basic method used is to increase the resistance of the fluid flow in the sealing port. When the resistance of the medium through the sealing port is greater than the medium pressure difference on both sides of the sealing port, the medium is sealed. And the resistance of the medium through the sealing port is achieved by means of the pressure applied to the pressing surface. Graphite Gaskets The greater the sealing pressure acting on the pressing surface, Graphite Gaskets the greater the resistance of the medium through the sealing port, the more favorable the sealing.

In the construction of nuclear power plants, a large number of nuclear grade gaskets are required. The safety, reliability and economy of nuclear power plant production systems are largely dependent on the effectiveness of the seals. The nuclear power plant system equipment has more stringent requirements for the safety and reliability of the sealing components due to the serious and potentially significant impact of nuclear leakage.

In addition to high temperature, high pressure, Graphite Gaskets thermal fatigue conditions, the nuclear grade gasket must be equipped with radiation resistance, high reliability, high life and nuclear grade cleaning requirements, subject to compression rate, rebound rate, stress relaxation rate And the maximum leakage rate and a number of technical performance testing and heat exchange test, Graphite Gaskets in order to get permission to apply at the nuclear power plant. For the nuclear safety-related system of the gasket, mainly in the flexible graphite composite gasket-based, Graphite Gaskets flexible graphite with its excellent chemical stability, Graphite Gaskets soft resilience, radiation resistance and high temperature resistance, and specially designed composite Type seal structure, successfully meet the requirements of the nuclear grade seal.

The purity of flexible graphite has an important effect on its sealing performance. The sulfur content of graphite in the process of time will lead to corrosion of the metal surface, Graphite Gaskets so that the sealing effect is weakened, and may even cause complete failure. For nuclear power and other industries, sulfur and other elements Need to be strictly controlled, otherwise it will cause pollution of the reaction medium, leading to the failure of the entire reaction device, so many scientists at home and abroad are committed to low sulfur or sulfur-free flexible graphite preparation research.

Flexible graphite sealing performance is very good, Graphite Gaskets but there are some obvious weaknesses, such as flexible graphite porous, Graphite Gaskets low strength, plastic deformation, poor wear resistance, it is directly used as a sealing material is not ideal, there will be crushed, Such as the situation.