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Graphite Gaskets Very Broad

In recent years, many of the sealing materials manufacturers in the production and sale of graphite composite gasket into a considerable enthusiasm, because the raw material price of graphite products moderate, Graphite Gaskets production and processing is relatively simple, Graphite Gaskets graphite composite gasket has many advantages of graphite products, widely used in high-temperature, pumps, Graphite Gaskets mechanical reaction kettle and other sealing fields, the use of very wide, market prices soaring, sealing materials industry to the graphite composite gasket in pursuit of reasonable

Flexible Graphite composite gasket is also called reinforced graphite gasket or HIGH-STRENGTH graphite gasket is made from reinforced graphite plate drilling or cutting, Graphite Gaskets it has good anti-corrosion, high/low temperature, good compression resilience and high strength

Reinforced graphite gaskets commonly used in the inner layer of reinforced materials have ss304, ss316 or tinplate, thickness 0.1~0.127mm, the form has a dash plate enhancement, the net board enhances, Graphite Gaskets the plate enhances. Commonly used materials for 304-reinforced graphite, can be made into a variety of circular geometric gaskets are widely used in pipelines, valves, pumps, pressure vessels, Graphite Gaskets heat exchangers, condensers, generators, air compressors, exhaust pipes, refrigerators and so on. Graphite reinforced gaskets can also be cut into the shape of complex gaskets, such as water level gauge gasket, FLUSH FLANGE gasket and automotive diesel engine cylinder gasket.

The high strength graphite gasket can be processed into the following forms according to the need of use: 1. Basic Graphite Composite gasket 2. Coated with graphite compound gasket 3. Graphite Gaskets External GRAPHITE Compound gasket 4. Graphite Composite Gasket Package EDGE form is to maintain the original gasket of the outstanding performance, and easy to install, disassembly, not easily damaged, Graphite Gaskets but also to prevent the media to the gasket erosion, Graphite Gaskets improve the pressure. The commonly used wrapping material is 304 or 316 stainless steel.

Graphite Composite GASKET MAX processing Size: 20~5000mm; special specifications or various non-standard products can be formulated according to customer requirements.

Graphite gaskets, also known as flexible graphite gaskets, Graphite Gaskets are made from the expansion of graphite plate drilling or cutting. Because of the high purity of graphite, the expanded graphite gasket has good strength, compressive resilience, chemical corrosion resistance, high/low temperature, and the use of long orders and other excellent performance.

GASKET seals are the most general form of static sealing for industrial installations, and leakage is the most common form of failure of production devices in many industrial production processes.

According to statistics, Graphite Gaskets in petrochemical enterprises unplanned maintenance workload has $number is used to maintain the sealing device. With the development of modern industrial production, various industrial sectors, especially large-scale petrochemical enterprises, thermal power plants, Graphite Gaskets nuclear plants and other industrial enterprises to the performance of the sealing gasket more and more demanding. Gas system is no exception, Graphite Gaskets because gas flammable, explosive and toxic characteristics of the gas system in which the use of gasket sealing requirements also put forward higher requirements.