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Graphite Gaskets Use Is Very Extensive

In recent years, Graphite Gaskets many of the sealing material manufacturers are in the production and sales of graphite composite gasket put a considerable enthusiasm, because the graphite material raw materials affordable, production and processing is relatively simple, Graphite Gaskets graphite composite gasket and graphite products with many advantages, widely used in High temperature, pumps, mechanical reactors and other sealing areas, the use of a wide range of market prices soaring, sealing materials industry, Graphite Gaskets the pursuit of graphite composite gasket is also reasonable

Flexible graphite composite gasket, also known as enhanced graphite gasket or high-strength graphite gasket is made from the enhanced graphite plate perforated or cut, Graphite Gaskets it has good corrosion resistance, high / low temperature, good compression resilience and high strength Sex

Enhanced graphite gasket commonly used in the inner layer of reinforced materials are ss304, ss316 or tinplate, etc., the thickness of 0.1 ~ 0.127mm, the form of a sponge board enhancement, Graphite Gaskets stencil enhancement, flat plate enhancement. Commonly used materials for the 304 reinforced graphite, can be made into a variety of circular geometric gasket is widely used in pipes, valves, pumps, Graphite Gaskets pressure vessels, heat exchangers, condensers, generators, air compressors, exhaust pipe , Refrigerators and so on. Graphite-reinforced gaskets can also be cut into complex gaskets, such as water level gauges, punching flange gaskets and automotive diesel engine cylinders.

High-strength graphite gasket according to the need to be processed into the following forms: 1. Basic graphite composite gasket 2. Package inside the graphite composite gasket 3. Graphite Gaskets Outside the package graphite composite gasket 4. Inside and outside the edge of the graphite composite gasket. Graphite composite gasket wrapping style that is to maintain the original gasket of the excellent performance, but also easy to install, disassemble, easy to damage, but also to prevent the erosion of the media on the gasket to improve the pressure. Graphite Gaskets Common wrapping material is 304 or 316 stainless steel.

Graphite composite gasket maximum processing size: 20 ~ 5000mm; special specifications or various non-standard products can be developed according to customer requirements.

Graphite gaskets, also known as flexible graphite gaskets, Graphite Gaskets are perforated or cut from expanded graphite sheets. Due to the high purity of graphite, the expanded graphite gaskets have good high strength, compression resilience, chemical resistance, High / low temperature, Graphite Gaskets the use of long life and other excellent performance.

This is the application of the earliest traditional sealing materials, including the general and oil-resistant two categories. Which is divided into high pressure, medium pressure and low pressure various grades. Asbestos rubber sheet from the asbestos fiber, rubber and other filler material by mixing heating and rolling made of oil plate which also heat vulcanization treatment. Graphite Gaskets As the high strength of asbestos fiber, but also resistant to higher temperatures (asbestos temperature performance is usually within 480 ℃, above this temperature asbestos fiber within the crystal water will break down and lose strength), Graphite Gaskets a wide range of materials, manufacturing easy to industrial Production, according to the needs of the scene made in a variety of shapes and specifications of the gasket, the use of more convenient, cheap, therefore, has been widely used in traditional sealing materials. However, this material sealing performance is not high (the sealing is usually about 1 × 10-2 ~ 1 x 10-3Cm3N / S or so), Graphite Gaskets in particular, such rubber parts such as gasket susceptible to temperature and media (such as solvent ), And in the use of stress relaxation is likely to occur, affecting its sealing performance and life, Graphite Gaskets in addition, asbestos is recognized as carcinogens, from the seventies onwards, Graphite Gaskets many countries in the world have gradually enacted the law Will be included in the scope of the ban, with the improvement of equipment requirements and the development of sealing technology, asbestos rubber material has been gradually replaced by other new materials, the use is gradually reduced. Graphite Gaskets Generally only used in the temperature, the pressure is not high non-critical equipment occasions.