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Graphite Gaskets More Convenient

Graphite Gaskets The High-strength Graphite Composite gasket is made of the metal sheet with the sprint as the skeleton, and the composite expanded graphite on its surface: as the skeleton, Graphite Gaskets the metal sheet only increases the strength and the overall rigidity, so that it is convenient to make and use, but the sealing effect is still the expanded graphite material itself. Expanded graphite material (also known as flexible graphite) is a new type of sealing material invented by United States Carbon Corporation in the 60 's it has excellent temperature resistance (from 260 Shan), corrosion resistance (most of the chemical medium) has a very low friction coefficient, Graphite Gaskets can be self-lubricating, excellent thermal conductivity, radiation resistance, stress relaxation rate is small, make seals have a good sealing performance. Therefore, its appearance is considered a revolution in the field of sealing materials. The disadvantage of expanded graphite is that its mechanical strength is not high enough, Graphite Gaskets so it is limited in its use alone. To this end, more in the development and application of composite with other materials to make composite seals, the previous expansion graphite winding pad is the expansion of graphite as a filler material, and metal belt through the winding way made of composite gaskets. High-strength graphite gasket is also a composite of expanded graphite and metal skeleton. Therefore, it has the good sealing property of the expanded graphite material,Graphite Gaskets wide range of temperature resistance, most of the chemical medium corrosion of a variety of solvents, is a better sealing gasket, but because the strength of the material is not high, in the case of high-pressure use of its safety is not enough, therefore, the General Department as a non-asbestos sealing material used to replace the traditional asbestos rubber sheet.

Thus, the special performance of the Wave-tooth composite gasket is formed, and a sharp peak of the metal skeleton is sealed with a highly compressed expanded graphite material, Graphite Gaskets the whole composite gasket actually has the combined effect of the sealing of the multi-channel metal seal and the expanded graphite material. The specially constructed metal skeleton, like the elastic element, makes the composite gasket have good elasticity. Because of the special structure of the wave-tooth composite gasket, it has a series of superior performance characteristics compared with other gaskets.

(1) Excellent sealing property. Because the wave-tooth composite gasket has the double effect of the tooth-shaped metal seal and the nonmetal expansion graphite seal, Graphite Gaskets and its sealing zone is completely separated (this is different from the spiral belt of the wound gasket), so it has special excellent sealing property. The tightness test shows that the wave-tooth composite mat can achieve very high tightness not only under 35MPa compression (leakage rate can reach 10-5cm 3 level), but also has excellent sealing property under low pressure. The 10-3cm3 S level index (asbestos rubber Sheet standard is only 10-2) is still reached at 15MPa.

(2) Good rebound performance, long seal life. Graphite Gaskets Because the wave-tooth composite gasket has a special structure of the wave-toothed elastic skeleton and the metal and expanded graphite material which compose the composite gasket has excellent heat resistance, resistance to fluid erosion performance, not aging, gasket elasticity is mainly caused by the special structure of the metal skeleton, do not have to worry about the use of stress relaxation, so long-term maintenance of excellent sealing performance. (Xin Xing sealed Xxmifeng Com)

(3) High safety and reliability. The annular tooth peak of the metal skeleton is in close contact with the flange surface when the wave-tooth composite gasket is used. Graphite Gaskets Its expanded graphite material is solid metal skeleton and flange surface is closed, so do not have to worry about the expansion of graphite material will be high-pressure fluid washed away, also do not have to worry about the same as the wound gasket is crushed "fall" or "crush" ("instability"). The wave-tooth composite gasket actually has the same safety and reliability as the metal gasket.

(4) Easy to use and install. Wave-tooth composite pad with a metal skeleton of the overall structure, in the transport and use of installation do not have to worry about the same as the spiral wound gasket will be "falling apart." In addition, the wave-tooth composite pads are thinner in thickness (usually 2 4mm), in the concave-convex or tenon groove flange can be left enough depth as a convex flange when the installation of positioning, so easy to install, to ensure the installation of quality, avoid winding gaskets usually because of a larger thickness, Graphite Gaskets the impact of positioning and easy to produce pressure-biased phenomenon.

(5) wide adaptability. The wave-tooth composite gasket can be applied to most occasions, including high and low temperature (-200 Shan Bing 700 Shan) and high and low pressure (vacuum Sapa 25mpa), and the wave-tooth composite gasket made of the corresponding metal skeleton material can be used for various occasions including most corrosive fluids.

(6) economic. Wave-tooth composite gasket is an economical gasket. Especially in petrochemical and power plant in a variety of oil, steam and other non-corrosive fluid occasions, the use of carbon steel wave-tooth composite pad to replace the wound-type gasket or tooth-shaped pad can save costs for users.