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Graphite Gaskets Good Mechanical Properties

With the progress and development of science and technology, the modern industrial field has put forward more demanding requirements, such as high temperature resistance, Graphite Gaskets corrosion resistance, light weight, oxidation resistance, good mechanical performance and high stability. Porous carbon material refers to a carbon material with a different pore structure, which has a small pore size as small as the nanometer superfine pores and can only be suitable for microbial growth and activity. This unique microstructure makes it superior to The special properties of other materials, a good response to the requirements of modern technology, Graphite Gaskets and porous carbon material preparation method is extremely simple, Graphite Gaskets that is, coal, coconut shell, asphalt as a precursor, through physical and chemical activation method can make them into Well-rich carbon material, and thus has a wide range of applicability. In industrial production, porous carbon materials commonly used as activator and adsorbent carrier, is widely used in adsorption separation, Graphite Gaskets electromagnetic shielding and sealing and other fields.

Expanded graphite, also known as flexible graphite, is a natural graphite Lin film by oxidation, and then by high temperature expansion prepared by the micro-morphology like worms soft graphite material, Graphite Gaskets also known as graphite worm (its appearance and surface pore structure of the SEM ).

Expanded graphite is a high purity graphite product. The natural graphite belongs to the hexagonal system. The crystal is hexagonal plate and flaky. The aggregates are scaly and have a typical lamellar structure. At the same level (called α) Forming a covalent bond, the bond can be 586KJ / mol, Graphite Gaskets and in the interlayer (perpendicular to the direction of α, called c), then the combination of weak van der Waals, the bond can be 16.7KJ / mol, this layered three-dimensional Ordered arrangement, resulting in the crystal structure of the layer direction and the direction of the structure of the differences between layers, Graphite Gaskets which makes the graphite crystal has anisotropic characteristics, such as electrical properties, thermal properties, mechanical properties of anisotropy. Thus, the graphite polycrystalline structure of expanded graphite also has this anisotropic characteristic, which needs to be considered in the analysis.

Expanded graphite loose porous special structure, so that it can be compressed high resilience, become a more and more popular new sealing materials, Graphite Gaskets widely used in a variety of mechanical devices on the static and static seal, especially in developed countries Since the nineties began to ban asbestos this traditional seal carcinogens, Graphite Gaskets accelerating the application of expanded graphite sealing material.