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Flange Insulation Kits Working Principle

   Insulation flange works is the use of insulating flange insulation pads and high-strength insulation pad insulation properties of the insulation flange on both sides of the electrical insulation to work. According to the engineering practice, our insulation performance of the insulation flange according to "insulation flange design technical requirements" (SY / T0516--1997) in the relevant requirements and "buried steel pipe cathodic protection parameters test method" (SYJ23- 86), the test results show that: insulation pads and fastening bolts insulation pads in the insulation between the working surface of the resistance value to meet the regulatory requirements.

Pipeline insulation flange is mainly used in gas transmission and distribution pipelines and gas pressure regulation, metering, storage and other equipment, its main role is to gas transmission and distribution pipeline between the sections, equipment and pipeline insulation isolation, to protect it from Chemical corrosion, extended piping and equipment life. Products meet SY / T0516-1997 "insulated flange design technical requirements" standard.

This product is divided into the insulation seal according to the different pressure-type insulation flange (referred to as type I insulation flange) and self-tight insulation flange

1. cathodic protection

In order to ensure the effectiveness of the cathodic protection of the stainless steel pipe, the pipe must be divided into easy-to-handle lengths, and the use of an insulated flange kit ensures the sealing and insulation of the flange.

2. Isolate static electricity

When using a pipeline to transport flammable and explosive media, the use of an insulated flange kit can reduce or eliminate this potential hazard if explosion conditions are ignited due to static electricity, cathodic protection systems or vortex currents.

3. galvanic corrosion

The contact of different metals will accelerate the stability of the weak metal corrosion, this corrosion is called galvanic corrosion. The galvanic corrosion plant takes place between metal flanges of different materials, and the use of a suitable insulating flange kit eliminates galvanic corrosion.

Flange insulation materials used oil-resistant rubber asbestos board, chloroprene rubber sheet, fabric-based chloroprene rubber sheet and Teflon and other materials. Insulated studs and bolts Insulating gaskets are made of high strength phenolic laminates and presses