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Flange Insulation Kits To Ensure That Close

Flange Insulation Kit Applicable to the standard: Flange is the most common troubles in the area, Flange Insulation Kits need to be sealed to prevent its leakage at the same time must also be insulated to prevent leakage of the weak current to produce ionization effect Corrosion flange, Flange Insulation Kits eventually leading to flange metal pipe corrosion leakage. Shengwei company can produce and provide a variety of high-quality products and technical support to help solve the problem of most of the flange seal and flange insulation. Shengwei company in accordance with the needs of customers to provide a complete insulation pad and a variety of insulation pad accessories. Flange Insulation Kit Product Specifications: Shengwei company can provide a complete set of flange insulation system, Flange Insulation Kits including insulation sleeves and gas gasket. Type D: D-type gasket, specifically to meet the ring groove convex flange and specially designed. The type of insulating gasket is formulated with a special mixing media. The fiber-reinforced phenolic material, and the size of the gasket compound is required by the American National Standardization Organization (ANSI) standard. Suitable for use with elliptical and octagonal metal ring parts. Flange Insulation Kits The pressure is at 15,000 psi Type E: Type E Gasket: This type of gasket is the same size as the flange, with the same size of the flange hole on the flange. Flange Insulation Kits This design is easy to apply to its flange bolt hole. Make the gasket surface and flange surface close The type of gasket can be used in the plane flange and non-metallic flange parts. The effect is outstanding . Type F: F-type gasket in the use of more fitting flange surface. The inner diameter of the bolt hole is slightly smaller than the outer diameter of the gasket to ensure tight installation.

The old type I insulated flange is composed of two pairs of butt welds between the flange flange and the installation of insulation bolts on the installation of insulation and insulation bolts and gasket composition. Its structure and assembly, the flange insulation gasket material selection of oil-resistant rubber asbestos board, chloroprene rubber sheet, fabric-based chloroprene rubber sheet and Teflon and other materials. Flange Insulation Kits Insulated bolts and bolts Insulating gaskets are made of high strength phenolic laminates and presses. Its characteristics are: good steel, insulation performance and stability, the need for a special installation location dedicated installation, high cost. The structure of the old insulated flange has been improved. In the city gas transmission and distribution project, for the city gas transmission and transportation project pressure is low (pn ≤ 2.5mpa), pipe network pressure pn ≤ 0.4mpa characteristics to improve. In the pipe network transmission and distribution projects in the use of steel flat flange instead of butt welding flange, flange insulation pads using PTFE, oil-resistant rubber asbestos, Flange Insulation Kits neoprene and other materials, and will tighten the bolt insulation Sets and insulation pads will be two, and shorten the insulation set made of half of the overall high-strength insulation pads. Figure 2, will be inserted through the pad flange flange bolt holes can be extended to wear insulation pads; to ensure that the sleeve diameter suitable for the original steel flange bolts required, so that made a special role in the steel method Blue, Flange Insulation Kits after assembly has become a new insulation flange. Insulation flange works is the use of insulating flange insulation pads and high-strength insulation pad insulation properties of the insulation flange on both sides of the electrical insulation to work.