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Flange Insulation Kits Principle And Performance

Insulated flanges are collectively referred to as piping flanges for both the sealing performance required for buried steel piping and the electrical insulation required for electrical corrosion protection engineering.

Product use: Insulation flange is mainly used in gas transmission and distribution pipelines and gas pressure regulation, metering, storage and other equipment, its main role is to gas transmission and distribution lines between the equipment and pipeline insulation isolation between the protection of its Free from chemical corrosion, extended piping and equipment life.


1, with buried pipe electrical corrosion protection works required by the electrical insulation properties.

2, can be required in the pipe transport temperature, pressure, long-term reliable work, have sufficient strength and sealing performance.

3, reasonable structure, assembly, removal, replacement parts convenient.

The Structure and Characteristics of Old Insulated Flange

The old type I insulation flange is composed of two pairs of butt weld flange flange between the installation of insulating pads and fastening bolts on the installation of insulation and insulation bolts and gasket composition. The structure of the assembly diagram shown in Figure 1, the flange insulation gasket material selection of oil-resistant rubber asbestos, chloroprene rubber sheet, fabric-based chloroprene rubber sheet and Teflon and other materials. Insulated bolts and bolts Insulating gaskets are made of high strength phenolic laminates and presses. Its characteristics are: good steel, insulation performance and stability, the need for a special installation location dedicated installation, high cost.

The development of new insulating flange

The structure of the old insulated flange has been improved. In the city gas transmission and distribution project, for the city gas transmission and transportation project pressure is low (PN ≤ 2.5MPa), pipe network pressure PN ≤ 0.4MPa to improve the characteristics. In the pipe network transmission and distribution projects in the use of steel flat flange instead of butt welding flange, flange insulation pads using PTFE, oil-resistant rubber asbestos, neoprene and other materials, and will tighten the bolt insulation Sets and insulation pads will be two, and shorten the insulation set made of half of the overall high-strength insulation pads. Figure 2, will be inserted through the pad flange flange bolt holes can be extended to wear insulation pads; to ensure that the sleeve diameter suitable for the original steel flange bolts required, so that made a special role in the steel method Blue, after assembly has become a new type of insulation flange, the structure shown in Figure 3,4 as shown. It can be installed separately, or can be installed with the connection valve; not only saves the cost of the project, but also saves the site installation location, is a simple and applicable new insulation flange, and the cost is particularly low.

Insulation principle and performance

Insulation flange works is the use of insulating flange insulation pads and high-strength insulation pad insulation properties of the insulation flange on both sides of the electrical insulation to work. According to the engineering practice, our insulation properties of the insulation flange according to "insulation flange design technical requirements" (SY / T0516--1997) in the relevant requirements and "buried steel pipe cathodic protection parameters test method" (SYJ23- 86), the test results show that: insulation pads and fastening bolts insulation pads in the insulation between the working surface of the resistance value to meet the regulatory requirements.

This kind of insulating flange is used in the underground pipe valve of the transmission and distribution network where the cathodic protection is carried out and the buried pipe valve which needs to be separated by the potential slice (area). (Area) isolation can be more clearly grasp the film (area) pipe network cathodic protection; the cathodic protection chip (area) to evaluate, for different cathodic protection situation for processing ; When the protection of the adjacent film (area) the same (or similar) and to achieve the protection potential requirements, the cross-section of the insulation flange can be connected on both sides of the unified protection; when the adjacent film (area) of the protection potential difference between the larger And can not reach the protection potential requirements of the film (area), can not meet the protection potential requirements of the film (area) for special treatment until the meet the requirements so far after the contiguous operation.