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Fiberglass Packing Use Is Very Extensive

Glass fiber (referred to as glass) is the use of colored glass after a series of glass fiber equipment, a series of processed glass fiber semi-finished products, its nature and use is very wide, the fineness of 0.03mm-0.06mm, fine products such as silk, Soft, such as cotton, tensile strength, Fiberglass Packing color silver, non-toxic and tasteless, acid, alkali, corrosion resistance, high temperature, good insulation properties, widely used in building materials, petroleum, chemical insulation materials, especially the development of glass fiber main material.

1, the choice of raw materials a variety of waste glass, Fiberglass Packing a lot of 3cm diameter but organic, mercury, brown and high temperature glass exception.

2, the cleaning of raw materials: the choice of good materials on the cement pool or other containers into the water, with iron milling or broom to mix and wash, Fiberglass Packing the glass surface of the sediment clean, and then go to the first Two re-cleaning the pool once, be sure to wash the sediment, and then go to a bottom of the loopholes in the iron sieve or other containers will be used to flow, before use.

3, such as glass surface oil, with warm water plus 4% caustic soda before use.

4, such as pure flat glass 2MM following 2% borax.

In the premise of the fire, the first preheat good torch. See the instruction manual of the torch, the crucible of the eye repair, with a brush to remove the surface of the crucible dust and slag. The thickness of the pod to correct the uniform, and then fix the crucible on the crucible rack, Fiberglass Packing crucible must be flat, and then add glass, must be added to the crucible 1/4, fill up, do not exceed the crucible on both sides of the Size, do not add too much too full to prevent the molten glass outflow, so ready to work before the official fire. When the ignition is best two people, such as skilled or can be a person to operate, Fiberglass Packing a preheated with a good torch and sparkling stick, one person control the temperature switch (button switch and push the switch) to mention the torch of the torch flame on the glass From the moderate, baked glass, (note from left to right ignition) to be glass melting, melting until red. At this time the electrode plate of the sparkling stick on the molten glass, Fiberglass Packing while the temperature control of the people began to play low temperature (220V). If you hit the high temperature prone to sparks, clutching and then send high temperature 380V low, high temperature alternating use, then the fire stick to the left and right slowly move, continue to add glass. Continue to play high temperature.Fiberglass Packing When the sticks moved to the level of 1/3 collapse, the temperature within the vortex quickly increased, the fire stick must contact with the glass liquid real, do not take too high or down hard, get high, contact is not prone to electricity Sparks, down easily by the crucible non-stop feeding, Fiberglass Packing until the ignition is not and the edge of the electrode bar sticks, this process is over.