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Expanded Graphite Tape

Expanded Graphite Tape

Expanded Graphite Tape of superior quality and finish are manufactured and supplied by our company. Quality and right pricing make us rank among the most trusted and reputed Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of Expanded Graphite Tape.

Product Details

Checking expanded graphite tape manufacturers online? Welcome to contact TECSON, we are a leading expanded graphite tape supplier equiped with professional factory.


  • Style PFT SonGraf Plain Tape 

  • Style PFTC SonGraf Crinkle Tape

The tapes can be adhesive backed.


  • Filler for Spiral Wound Gaskets. 

  • In-situ pump and valve gland packing. 

  • Manufacture of graphite Die-formed rings. 

  • Facing material for kammprofile gaskets. 

  • Filler for metal jacketed type gaskets. 

  • Gasket for static seal.

Technical Data:

Temperature-240 ~450 degrees Celsius (650 degrees Celsius Steam)
Density0.7 ~ 1.0 g/cm3
Pressure100 bar

Do not use tegether with soft gaskets such as compressed asbestos free fiber joint sheets

Recommended Joint Type:

  1. Gasket surface has to be clean and free from grease.

  2. Cut both ends of the tape straight (90 degrees) and simply overlap as shown below.

  3. Then torque bolts in a star pattern in several stages, the final adjustment should be done in a circular direction to the full torque value.

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