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Aramid Fiber Packing

Aramid Fiber Packing

Aramid Fiber Packing of superior quality and finish are manufactured and supplied by our company. We use high grade raw materials and employ latest technology in the manufacturing of these Aramid Fiber Packing. Quality make us rank among the most trusted and reputed Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of Aramid Fiber Packing.

Product Details

Checking aramid fiber packing manufacturers online? Welcome to contact TECSON, we are a leading aramid fiber packing supplier equiped with professional factory.


SonPack K4600

Material: Aramid, PTFE.

Structure: Lattice braid.

Application Media: Abrasives, water, medium acids & caustics, oils, steam, solvents, paper stock, liquors, asphalt, fly ash, and condensate.

Equipment: Rotating & Reciprocating equipment; Valves.

Industry Serviced: Pulp & Paper, Oil & Gas, Chemical & Pharmaceutical, Mining & Minerals, Steel & Metals, and Power Generation. 


SonPack K4650

Material: expanded PTFE/Graphite (gPTFE), Aramid, PTFE.

Structure: Muti-yarn packing, made of expanded PTFE/Graphite yarn, reinforced with aramid fiber in corners. Lattice braid.

Application Media: water, industrial water, air, steam, petroleum products, acids and alkalis, oil, solvents, hydrocarbons, besides strong oxidizers.

Equipment: Rotating & Reciprocating equipment, valves.

Industry Serviced: Pulp & Paper, Municipal/Wastewater, Oil & Gas, Chemical & Pharmaceutical, Mining & Minerals, Marine, Power Generation, Steel & Metals. 

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